Snoop Dogg G Slim Bush

In celebration of the release of Snoop Dogg’s album, BUSH, the G Slim combines industry- leading functionality with lively, flourishing garden imagery inspired by the album artwork. Designed for thinner viscosity liquids, the BUSH G Slim Liquid Vaporizer combines the luxury

of affordability, portability and discretion in one compact apparatus. Customized in a green exterior with blue and gold accents, each BUSH G Slim Liquid Vaporizer comes equipped with a Wireless USB Charger and an On/Off safeguard to protect against inadvertent activation.



• Collaboration With Snoop Dogg Celebrating His Best Selling Album, BUSH

• Choose The Refillable Tank Right For You (Liquid Concentrate or Dry Herb)

• Custom Color & Limited Edition • Rechargable Battery



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