About Us


Local, ethically grown cannabis from BC’s finest small-batch cultivators.



Top quality cannabis and plant byproducts, consciously curated for recreational and medical use.



Passionate, knowledgeable bud-tenders who genuinely care about each users individual needs.

The Wealth Shop was granted a business license in 2016, making it Vancouver’s first legally licensed cannabis shop to operate under the new municipal bylaws.



At Wealth, we don’t just view cannabis as a plant. We see cannabis as a master healer and a powerful superfood. We value the profound mental health benefits, powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and various healing capabilities of cannabis. When used in conjunction with mindful health practices, cannabis is the perfect natural aid to assist in symptom recovery, and improve overall quality of life. We know that cannabis can change lives, and we’re here to make sure our patients have access to the highest quality flowers and extracts to facilitate the process.



Rich in Health

We believe cannabis should be a socially inclusive lifestyle, and we incorporate that into every facet of our brand. Gone are the days of social isolation and cannabis use. We work to provide a conscious platform for consumers to share in their experience, and cultivate healthy sustainable lifestyle practices. Whether you’re using cannabis to treat a serious illness, or simply as a preventative measure, we hope to shatter user isolation and create a community of active cannabis members who understand and support the positive movement of this incredible plant.