Cannabis Skills

// December 29, 2017

In Praise of Cannabis

To be a regular cannabis user, you’re going to need a skillset. If you’re using cannabis, you’re using a tool which modifies your perception of reality to seem slower, more blissful, thought-provoking, and real. In a technical sense, real just means that an uncountable number of atomic information is encoded in a dimension of experience. This is why the cannabis high is so profound: it allows a person to experience an additional dimension of experience on top of standard reality, making it even more uncountable. This phenomenological increase in bandwidth also creates an increase in the potential amount of data transfer between any two computers. “bandwidth” is a deceptive term, however, because the term “width” refers to a dimension already in use during that increase.

The transcendence of reality into a higher-order dimention of infinity (the transfinite) suggests that the experience already contains two dimension: width. If that the “band” also has length (bandlength) and height (bandheight), then the band is three-dimensional. If the band changes through time, it is fourth-dimensional. To access the fifth and sixth dimensions, one has to look at the band in the past or future in addition to looking at the band in present, three-dimensional time. The expansion of “reality” to include addintional numbers of experience is not limited; there can be an infinite number of higher-order infinities. The ability that cannabis confers to the user is that he or she can access these higher infinities more simultaneously. Where a literal computer encodes information in a sequence.

In Spite of Cannabis

Cannabis, far from increasing the number of infinities, instead occludes certain experiences to the user. While it increases the expression of one feeling of reality, namely bliss or joy (hence the name for the endogenous version of THC, anandamide), it decreases the expression of others to compensate. This is because the mind is only capable of computing a single-order of infinite data: the integers. This theorem was proven by Godel in 1937 (date? cite?). So while cannabis may increases one kind of experience, it must do it at the sake of another, since an increase in the number of dimensions would be uncomputable.

In Praise

-Cannabis increases number of dimensions of infinity. (make drawing)

– This number is still not computable, since computation is only one measure of a total reality. Computation is a reduction. When we communicate through speech, we are reducing the world into three dimensions of space and one of time. We can further reduce speech into text, which has two dimensions of space and one of time. A computer can reduce experience further into binary,  which has one dimension of space, and one of time.


Bubbles on bubbles

I asked another cannabis user, do you think that cannabis increases the total amount of dimensions of reality, but that computability remains the same, so that it increases the distance between the experience of reality and the understanding of it? Yes.. But I think that the countability of the experience does not remain the same. I think that cannabis increases the experience of reality, but it also reduces our understanding of it. So the difference is actually twofold. You can imagine it like a bubble increasing, where a person is at the center. The person who uses cannabis sees the size of that bubble increase, but then so does the surface area on the perimeter of the bubble, which means there is more to computer.

So you meant that computation has a fixed speed, and since it has more to compute, it will slow down, in a sense?

Yes, but it will only “slow down” in terms of its progress in experiencing reality as a whole, since reality has increased in dimension. There is not as much ground covered in relation to the sum total of ground, but it still covers just as much ground as time progresses. In this sense the mind is like a computer. This is why cannabis is so amazing, yet so terrifying. It makes us feel small, as if we are only a mote of dust in a great cosmic ocean, or a moat of dust trapped in a beam of light, shining through a window.

Actually, the best symbol for this idea is a bubble. If we are bubbles, cannabis increases the size of us. We are all one in a foam of bubbles. Cannabis increases the size of your bubble, meaning that you’re now in contact with many other bubbles surrounding you. It also means that your ability to move in this sea of bubbles is decreased. Alcohol, on the other hand, pops your bubble, and probably other bubbles around you, since these bubbles are each supported in part by your bubble. Something like coffee increases the vibration of your bubble, which can cause other bubbles to shift and move. Therefore Coffee is great for testing structural integrity of bubbles, and shifting other bubbles around (it is a great editing drug)

So how does this increase interact with other drugs? Well, Caffeine reduces the size of experience

Caffeine: Great for editing: vibrates bubbles, testing their integrity. Bubbles may pop.

Cannabis: Increases size of bubbles

Adaptogens: Increases integrity of bubble surface, reducing propensity to ‘pop.’