5 Ways Cannabis Improves Sex

// December 19, 2017

Cannabis has a reputation for improving sex. So I’ve listed five of my favorites here.

As with all types of sex, make sure that you have verbal consent before initiating anything with your partner. You might even want to reach an agreement ahead of time with your partner about bringing cannabis into the bedroom. This will make both of you more comfortable.

“Remover of Sin”

In ancient Hindu religion, Cannabis was used to cleanse the mind and remove “sin.” Sin is defined any immoral act. So whether you belong to any religious faction, or you have your own moral code, Cannabis can improve your time in the bedroom by reducing the probability that you will do anything that you aren’t into doing. Alcohol has the opposite effect, lowering your inhibitions (and your standards).

You can count on some wholesome or passionate love making if you are sleeping with a partner with whom you have an intimate emotional bond. If you’re sleeping with someone and the relationship is more carnal or physical, cannabis can also help by bringing out the truth in that and getting you to act properly in that domain.


On Cannabis, both men and women take longer to climax.  This is a positive effect since the pleasure during sex will be about doubled. During this time, self and situational awareness are heightened, making sex seem like less of an event and more of an act, where the actors are aware of their acting, but are having fun with it. Both partners will have increased passion for and awareness of one-another, so long as the dosage is kept within a reasonable domain. Too much weed will increase anxiety in people who are already slightly anxious about sex.

The bottom line: Sex will last longer, with more emphasis on buildup than climax.


Cannabis can work both ways for anxiety. Some people feel like it really loosens them up and puts them in tune with their body, other people find that they get too analytical about the whole thing and freeze up. In general, cannabis tends to increase whatever feeling you’re naturally inclined towards.

So my advice is that if you’re already a little squeemish towards sex, then you should maybe lay off the pot and opt for some alcohol or herbal tea–something that will relax your nerves–instead. If you’re comfortable with your partner already, you might find that cannabis will inspire you to explore sex in new and exiting ways.


Without going into too much graphic detail, the “dry mouth” side effect associated with some strains will also make other parts of the body dry. So you might want to get some lube out for this. If you want to go in a natural direction, try using coconut oil, or better yet, some cannabis-infused coconut oil.

You might also find that kissing isn’t as pleasurable when you have a dry mouth. Well, I have a fix for you: food. Fruit, chocolate, honey, whipped cream: all of these will entertain your oral fixation and they can be fun to eat off of your partner’s body. They’ll also taste way better, since you’ll be high.


Weed is going to make you way more sensitive, consciously and physically. When you are on a high enough dose, you might get mild instances of synesthesia and mental hallucinations associated with physical touch. The physical touch alone will be intensified enough that you might forget that anything outside of the bedroom even exists. It’s truly a jaw-dropping experience that is great to have on special occasions.

But it is possible to over-sensitize yourself. To avoid this, Start by cleaning your bedroom and laying out some candles or something. After you’ve ingested your weed, start out having sex very slowly with a lot of foreplay. This will ease both partners through the increasing levels of sensation, making the act as enjoyable as possible until the ultimate orgasm is reached.