How to use Cannabis during Exam Season

// December 2, 2017

Classes are over!

But a challenger approaches: two weeks of exams just in time for Christmas.

How are you going to prevail?

This article will detail two ways to improve your grades (and life) during exams season using cannabis. There are generally two main uses for cannabis, and therefore two main ways it can help you in school. These are:

  1. Cannabis improves the quality of downtime: proper downtime is crucial to getting good grades, and cannabis can make that downtime even better. People who use cannabis to relax should opt for an indica-dominant strain.
  2. Cannabis stimulates mental play: having fun with all of the ideas you learn in university–apart from your essays and assignment–can help you enjoy them and see them from a new perspective, leading to a greater overall understanding.


We know that downtime is essential to the learning process. This is pretty conclusive in evidence-based psychology. This study is a particularly good one, highlighting how downtime can improve the assimilation of recently-experienced phenomena to memory.

How does Cannabis help?

The theory goes that if cannabis can improve the intensity of your periods of downtime–by helping you to sleep or to enjoy the simple things in life, or generally to take your mind off of the stress accumulated during the week–then your brain will be better able to assimilate the information it learned that week.

Unfortunately, there is not a rigorous scientific study which directly links cannabis use to the assimilation of new information, but logically, if periods of downtime are essential to learning, and cannabis improves your periods of downtime, then cannabis improves learning when used during periods of downtime. Cannabis’s effects on learning is of huge scientific interest right now in universities. So I expect that we will see a study of this level of detail soon.

Question: What’s the best way to use cannabis to improve downtime?

Answer: Use it once per week, alone, on the weekend. And use a ton of it.

Details: There is the method of using cannabis daily, at the midway point of work and at night, as a reward for working all day. But in my experience, daily cannabis use can sometimes cause too much of a reduction in stress. Especially during exam season, a little stress can be useful.

But going without cannabis is also not the best idea. Too much stress makes you jagged around the edges.

You want to be flexible, but sharp: the middle ground.

So use cannabis on the weekend and you will punctuate your downtime with an exclamation mark while avoiding encroachment on the healthy stress you need to motivate you during the week.

Note: Don’t even worry about getting anything done on Saturday and Sunday. This should be easy if you put in an honest effort during the week. The best way to hit a bullseye is to draw your bowstring back slowly, then release it when you know your aim is true. And once you’ve fired the arrow, you can’t recorrect it (and shouldn’t try to). Just relax.

2. Mental Play

Cannabis has been called the Philosopher’s Drug.

From what I’ve observed on myself and other canna-nauts, the cannabis-high grants broader access to the mind’s library. Ideas and concepts, which were previously buried in dust or hidden under obscure call-numbers, emerge as brilliant, polished, almost tangible phenomena.

Not only that, but the cannabis-high grants a very positive feeling of enthusiasm which helps people work through these ideas in very novel ways.


I know that when I’m trying to make a breakthrough with a very difficult concept, I find that a great way to succeed is to study that concept as much as possible, memorize everything I can about it, even if I don’t understand what I’m memorizing, then take a long break, eat some food, and smoke a ton of weed and think about it as hard as I can for a period of about 3 hours. This sounds rigorous but it’s not. It’s actually a lot of fun while under the influence of cannabis.

A sativa-dominant strain is especially valuable for this type of work.

Advice: Don’t bother trying to write down all of your new and profound ideas. Cannabis use doesn’t really lend itself over to coherent articulation. Just have the thoughts, let them pass, and then go to sleep. Wake up the next day and then start the rigorous work of hashing thoughts together (no pun intended).

Analogical thinking

Cannabis can give you an analogical way of viewing ideas which suddenly makes foggy ones very clear.

For example: if you’re a history major and you’re taking a course on mythical archetypes and all of the ideas make little-to-no sense to you, you might find that when you smoke weed, you are able to manipulate your knowledge about history into a sort-of abstract protoplasm which you can then convert into ideas about mythology.

Then the new concepts of mythology will all sort of pop out and make sense to you.

Anyone who has used cannabis knows this “mind-blowing” feeling. The trick is to harness the power of it.

A few words of caution: Going down the rabbit hole might make it more difficult to complete the project you’re working on. You may even find that you disagree with your own thesis that you’ve been working on for months! But a little self-criticism can go a long way in university, especially on your grades. Your teachers want you to prove that you’ve looked at a problem from every angle: universities are in the pursuit of truth, after all: not perspective.

In Conclusion

By dedicating your weekend to rest and relaxation, and punctuating it with cannabis-induced euphoria, you’re guaranteed not only to blow your own mind, but to improve the quality of your downtime, which the brain needs to understand new ideas.

Thanks for reading. I wish you all the best on your exams this semester. Happy studying!