Productivity: Can Cannabis Help?

// November 6, 2017

Over my four years as a philosophy student, if there was one question on my mind other than do other minds exist, it was definitely how can I get as much work done in a day as I possibly can?

Being a habitual stoner (I smoked anywhere from 2-5 times per week for four years) productivity seemed like a foreign continent reserved for law and med students who ate Adderall-O’s for breakfast. We all know that Cannabis knocks us into deep reveries, relaxes us, makes us giggly, hungry, and tired, which means it’s simply not a tool for productivity, right?

Wrong. The truth is, a cannabis high brings out a quality within us which is essential for anyone wanting to be more productive with their days. That quality is the truth.

Cannabis lets you be completely honest with yourself: it reveals to you the person you really are, what you really like, and who you want to share your time with. The most important piece of advice I ever got about productivity was to stop doing the things you think you should be doing, and start doing the things you know you actually want to do. This allows you to be happy right now.

Here is an example of a needlessly draconian schedule I made for myself at one point. Notice that everything in the day was strictly regimented at almost every hour with hardly any free time:

Daily Algorithm:

06:00 – Wake up -> dress -> water -> read
07:00 – Light -> Run -> Shower -> Coffee
08:00 – Blog
09:00 – Study

10:00 – Breakfast
10:15 – Read/Stretch
11:45 – Tea -> Meditate

12:00 – Write
16:00 – Lunch -> Nap
17:45 – Tea -> Meditate
18:00 – Write

22:00 – Dinner -> Watch Rick and Morty/South Park
23:00 – Clean house -> Shower
23:45 – Tea -> Read until tired
00:00 – Lights out, Sleep

Can you guess how productive I was while sticking to this schedule?

Not very. I felt like a factory worker on an assembly line. While I tried to stick to my schedule as best as I could, I spent a lot of time each day just checking it to see what I was “supposed” to be doing. And what I was supposed to be doing almost always conflicted with what I actually felt like doing. The result? I was unhappy all day long. My writing sucked, I couldn’t remember anything, and I could barely sleep.

That’s when I decided I needed a break from that prison I had made for myself. I rolled up a long joint of high-grade Hindu Kush, sat down at my desk with a pen and paper–computer and phone out of sight so as to eliminate distraction–and I wrote down all of the things I liked to do every day and committed to actually doing them. I smoked the joint, fleshing out the details of each item as I went, learning more and more about myself as the hour went on.

I realized that, while I had gotten almost every item on my schedule right (I had planned time for the things I liked and valued) I did not like having to do anything at a specific time. So what I did was I pinned up my big list of activities over my desk, and now when I’m at home and I want to be productive, I just look at my list and ask myself, “which of these things do I actually feel like doing right now?” There’s always something that jumps out at me. And now I find myself being so productive that I do the list twice over in a day.

Who knows? You might even realize that there are times of the day where you feel like doing laundry or cleaning your bathroom. Nothing is hard work when you feel like doing it.

So that is the key to using cannabis for productivity. Use it to figure out who you are and what you like. Inevitably you’ll find out that when you’re doing the things you like to do, you’re infinitely more productive.