5 Halloween Costumes Inspired by Cannabis

// October 18, 2017

The rain’s pouring and midterms are ending–it’s the end of October again. Only a few days until Halloween and you need a costume that can be made at home for cheap. Not only that, but you’re a young adult now and have replaced candy with cannabis. What better time than Halloween to consume a ton of it, wear a weed-inspired costume, and ignite your inner THC?

1. Lord Shiva

Our first costume is perhaps best costume of all: Lord Shiva, the original blue man, recreational blazer, and destroyer of worlds. You can dress up as him as a standalone costume or with your pal dressing as Jesus. Shiva’s favorite plant is the Cannabis Indica. Legend has it he found the plant in a field one day when he was wandering around, feeling particularly stressed out. He ate one of its buds and had a nap and woke up happier than he’d ever been in his eternal life. Just paint yourself blue, wrap a dollar-store toy snake around your neck, put a little eye-makeup and jewelry on, take your shirt off, and you’re ready to go. You can wield a trident if you have one laying around, too.

2. Your Dad’s Work Uniform

I don’t care if your dad is a drill sergeant or an oil-rig driller, he has a Halloween costume in his closet just waiting to be found. Take a peak (after asking of course–he probably needs a minute to hide things he doesn’t want you to see) and you’ll find something funny in there, I promise you. Maybe he’s a business executive who wears a three-piece suit or maybe he’s a baker who has flour-covered aprons in the laundry hamper. Any way you slice it,  your dad’s uniform is guaranteed to be a hit at the party you’re currently “interested” in.

Even if your dad works from home or is a bum and has no job, you can just wear his way-too-baggy short-sleeve button down and golf shorts (make sure to wear socks up to your knees). You can even put on a false voice and act like him all night. When people ask what you are (as they inevitably will), you just tell them, “I’m my dad.” Guaranteed laugh and conversation starter. Plus, free costume!

3. A Big Joint

Alright, the giant pot leaf idea was stupid, but the big joint isn’t and here’s why: you can make it at home without spending any money. Just wrap yourself in a white sheet and leave an opening for your face. If you’re willing to sacrifice the sheets, which you probably will be anyway if you’re going to a party (you’ll spill something on the sheets, guaranteed), then you can burn the top a bit with a lighter and tape on some orange post-it notes to make it look lit.

You can even tell your friend to dress up as a lighter and chase you around all night. Perfect doubles costume.

4. Nature

I dressed up as nature last year when I realized on October 31st around 5:00 PM that I didn’t have a costume and all of my friends were going to a party. I went into the backyard and picked up handfuls of the best looking leaves I could find and tied them with string to my body. I got my friend to put some green makeup on my face and I was good to go. People called me a “leaf,” “nature,” or “fall” interchangeably and I also got the benefit wearing leaves for a shirt. Part of the costume was the way I acted. I decided that night I wouldn’t make any decisions and would just let the wind blow me wherever. It was a good strategy because I met my girlfriend that night.

5. Jesus

Robe and Glowstick

Last but not least is Jesus, the biggest closet pot-head in the Western Tradition. You can be him by making a robe out of a bedsheet like the joint costume and getting a glow stick and wrapping it around the top of your head (or you can use sticks and be crucifix Jesus). You might also need a wig and beard depending on how straight-edge your haircut is. Side Note: has anyone noticed the stained glass portrait of Jesus at Benny’s Bagels, where he’s holding a joint? My friends think he’s holding a bagel, but it looks like a joint to me. Get your friend to dress as Shiva and you can do halloween God-style.

— — —

So there you have it. Have any more costume ideas? Leave them in the comment section below.

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