Do’s and Don’ts of Getting High

// June 10, 2017
high in class

At large, people have an inexact fear or anxiety toward being high in public. For the average consumer, getting high lately consists of a couple hits off a pipe, a couch and medium of entertainment. While I see no problem in this approach to marijuana use, I think it’s unduly limited. Weed can enhance all sorts of experience if taken correctly at the right time with the right dose. However, discretion is necessary and the line between good decisions and poor ones is not always obvious before it needs to be. Therefore, I bring you a short list of do’s and don’ts to getting high:

DO: Go to class.

Depending on the context of course. If you’re in highschool, I do not suggest showing up to mandatory classes blazed out of your mind. Note the stakes involved. If your future relies upon you mastering a subject of which you are not particularly taken by, I do not suggest smoking weed before taking up this task. Alternatively, getting slightly high before a humanities course in university – something theoretically, historically or conceptually based – can be a highly rewarding experience. Not only will the material speak to you through the lens of a new perspective, but your level of engagement in observing the class and participating in discussion can also be enhanced. Of course, as with all the ‘dos’, do what feels right to you, but just know this is a possibility available to you – your freedom to do so.

DON’T: Go to work.

While this may be the most tempting venue to show up to while high, I caution that it can be the most volatile. Again, depending on the job, smoking weed can be highly counterproductive if your goal is to complete tasks and perform a professional role. For example, working in the service industry as both a line cook and a barista, I can testify that while my social performance at work vastly improved when I was working high, my efficiency and attention to detail suffered greatly. In roles such as these, you owe it to yourself and your boss to be competent and if weed disrupts that, avoid it. For more flexible jobs, like self-employed work or the like, the option to work while high remains and should probably be considered.

DO: Go to the beach.

I know people are very keen to pick up a bottle of wine or a six pack of beers before heading to a day at the beach but I think these items need reconsidering. A couple joints can make the sun feel like a life-giving cosmic force whose light you are undeserving but grateful for and the ocean like an infinite pool of mystery and refuge. I realize this is hyperbolic but I truly think that if you are going to set time aside in your week to sit quietly or with friends in the sand, immersed in nature, it’s so much better to be high. Extended philosophical conversations, food tastes better – what could be more perfect?

DON’T: Go to the club.

In moderation, weed is a substance as compatible with the club as anything else. I will say this, however: if the task is to make more bearable the space in which you are to spend the next couple hours, weed may not be the answer if the question is ‘how to have a good time’. But what defines a ‘good time’ varies also. If you’re masochistic to the extent you wish to delve into a deeply analytical sociological frame of mind, weed might be of interest for your next trip to the club. If you want to dance, weed can be nice too. And yet, sometimes all we want is to ‘get out of our heads’, not ‘in’. Or at least this is what my friend told me when I was on an edible at the club last month. I’ll use this experience as a reason not to consume large quantities of weed before going out. After consuming a 60mg capsule, I walked into the club and immediately stated to my friend, “all of these people are from my dreams,” and continued to think along these lines for the remaining 3 hours spent inside. Convinced that I was in purgatory, I experienced the last moments before my capture by agents of the CIA. This, for me, was fine, even desired, but it wasn’t easy. If your psyche is fragile, stay away from this type of experience. It’s much better to stay at home and safe

So there it is. Four templates for which you may come to understand the way careful, intentional marijuana use can embellish the beautiful, interesting aspects of life and excessive, reckless use can put your mind or job at risk. Other examples of possible ‘dos’ include first dates – sharing a joint is how people become friends and isn’t that what you’re at least indirectly trying to accomplish on a date?

Other ‘do’s’

  • camping,
  • yoga,
  • public lectures,
  • the park,
  • sporting events,  
  • movies or concerts (depending on what type…)

More examples of dont’s:

  • long greyhound bus trips
  • family reunions (although this is not always the case)
  • job interviews
  • final examinations
  • shopping (malls = crowds = ???)
  • bank appointments
  • grocery shopping

You may have noticed that most of these suggestions seem intuitive or obvious. That’s because they are. We know what we need to do and how, now we just have to do it.