Digital Rabbit Holes: On Getting High to Manifest Your Intellectual Pursuits

// June 1, 2017
digital rabbit holes

The Internet

Every once in awhile it’s important to put yourself in direct relationship with your own conscience, without distraction, with deep attention and profound contemplation. Only in this space of purely cerebral activity can you follow the thought trails of your curiosity to meet their conclusion. The internet is not simply a medium through which you gain access to exorbitant amounts of information, it is a space in which your psychic life can expand and explore beyond in a way that is historically unparalleled. The internet often receives a lot of flak for its capacity to present the ego an opportunity to move free from the confines of the reality principle, where individuals project an ego-identity as they move through unbounded cyberspace. However, what gets left out of this narrative is the way in which the online world presents an opportunity for the full spectrum of the self, all the components of who we are, to develop and achieve realization online. It is not news to us that when surfing the internet we are first and foremost in a near constant relationship to our own minds, the information absorbed coheres to form a constantly replenished version of self that is defined by the content we seek out.

The infinitude of informational content accessible on the internet is the soulmate to our intrinsic desire for new knowledge and novelty of experience. As individuals, we incessantly pursue a more crystallized version of who we might be and what draws in our attention directly relates to this question. Our infinite nature, the expansive reach of what can possess us intellectually, responds to the internet with synchronicity. One possible avenue to refine this relationship between potential interests and learning and self-actualization on the internet is


One possible avenue to refine this relationship between potential interests and learning and self-actualization on the internet is weed. Weed has a certain quality of sharpening awareness and producing episodes of deep-attention where the whole of your mind rests on the details and meaning of your immediate circumstance. It is not uncommon for epiphanies and contingent thought-trajectories to emerge organically when browsing the web while high. The unique spontaneity of psychic-experience while high pairs transformationally with the potentialities for learning available online.

Smoking weed, being with your thoughts and diving into digital rabbit holes can be a successful way to harness your attention and affinities and direct your psychic energy toward fulfillment of the curiosities latent in your default mode of thinking and experiencing. I would argue it is existentially necessary to seek the satisfaction that comes with discovering your niche, esoteric, subcultural community online, or reading for no purpose other than pure self-actualization. As members of the Pluto in Scorpio generation (1982-1995), Millennials are apt to seek hidden knowledge, and separate truth from fiction. You’ll find that when you’re high and surfing the web, the voice in the back of your head that diverts your attention away from pursuing ‘useless knowledge’ in favor of productivity, falls away. What you’re left with is a keen insightful mindset, a medium of infinite informational goods and a sense of timelessness. The tendency to ignore our need for solitude and self-discovery to maintain a certain lifestyle or image does not help sustain a healthy relationship between the authentic self and the persona self. Cultivating an authentic disposition towards learning can feel effortless online and oftentimes, weed loosens the strictures of identity and time to let this process to unfold organically.