How to Wake and Bake like a Responsible Adult

// May 27, 2017
sunrise wake and bake

Praise the Sun.

Today I woke up at 7:00 am, naturally, without my alarm going off. I was fully rested. As I do every morning, I rolled over to my bedside table, unscrewed my Nu 1:1 CBD/THC tincture, and took 7.5 mg under my tongue. It tastes sort of like flax seed oil. Common opinion says that weed makes you lazy, but when consumed orally in small amounts before exercise, you will find that it increases your energy magnificently. You’ll also find that your strength and speed have increased. Your resilience to pain and your flexibility have improved. But the best effect of all is on your emotional state of mind. Weed puts you in a great mood. That great mood motivates you and sets you up for a successful day.

I got the idea for this ritual after reading in some textbook that ancient yogis consumed weed every morning as part of their spiritual practice. They claimed that it resolved the imbiber’s sins. They prepared it in a sweet, milky drink called Bhang, but to optimize your time properly in the modern world, you need to take advantage of the efficient wonders of our civilization. Getting a cannabis tincture allows you to take a perfect measured dose and the cost is very cheap compared to decarboxylating your own weed. Embrace it and save yourself an hour at the stove every morning.

Go for a Run.

It’s absolutely essential that this run is done in a fasted state, so get in the habit of saving your tea or coffee until you eat breakfast. Every night, I put my running shoes, shorts, and shirt near my bedroom door as a reminder to get out there when I wake up in the morning. I run outdoors. If a treadmill is your style, great, but I like running in a different direction every day. This will keep the ritual from feeling mechanical. You’re guaranteed to see something inspiring during every run if you’re paying attention. There are endless opportunities all around us, and we just have to get out there and be open to finding them.

Have Insights.

After I get home from my run, I do some stretches and pushups, and write down any insights I had while on my run. Meditation is the stilling of the mind, either through intense singular focus or wide-open awareness. Running, fasting, and weed each facilitate this state, so you’re bound to have some profound insights while you’re out there. That’s why now is the time to write the insights down. Don’t let them go to waste. Just let it all come out. You’ll be surprised at how creative you really are. It’s during this peak of 30 minutes or so that you will have the best ideas of your day, and if you don’t treat them seriously and try to integrate them into your life, they will just go to waste, so seize the day.

Soon, your stomach is going to rumble. You haven’t eaten breakfast, you just worked out, and you have the marijuana munchies. This breakfast is going to be heavenly. And you earned it.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast.

So the next thing I do is I use my cannabis-enhanced creativity to make the perfect breakfast. You can experiment with all types of foods to determine what works best for you. I eat the same thing every morning: a spinach and chard salad dressed with olive oil, and a bowl of greek yogurt mixed with seeds and berries. It’s all about getting the proper ratio of savoury and sweet. Balance that duality with foods that are both healthy and delicious. Remember to do your dishes, and get on with your day, doing whatever it is you do best.

Devoting 3 hours every morning to your spiritual and physical health can seriously change your life. Try it.