Less is More: 8 Simple Things to Do While You’re High

// May 25, 2017
smoking weed outside

1. Go for a Walk

Nothing feels better than moving your body and your mind simultaneously when you’re stoned. If you’re alone, step outside, turn on a podcast and start walking. If you’re with a friend, let the pleasure of walking and talking flow over you. Feeling like you’re going somewhere, moving and breathing in the crisp Vancouver air is an experience that can feel almost sublime when you’re high. Whether you choose to listen to a podcast or not, there is a deep focus that you will eventually settle into as you move through space. Not only will you sort out your thoughts with a natural meditative mind-space unfolding as you move, but your body will also sort itself out, leaving you grateful for the flesh, muscle, and bone that takes you from point a to point b, and you will fall into the sweetest slumber once you get home.

2. Take a Shower

Get high, put on some music and let hot water pour down your hair and skin. As weed tends to amplify physical sensations, the restorative promise of a hot shower expands to new levels of relaxation when you’re high.

3. Read a Book

Some people are certain that they cannot focus enough to read a book while they’re high but I would venture to doubt they are reading the right book. Crack open your favorite fiction or philosophical novel and watch yourself become completely subsumed by the ideas of the text in a matter of minutes. Grab a pen, take notes, become fully engaged in the prose, poetics, and brilliance of the author. This can work if you’re on the bus, in bed, in a cafe, in a park – anywhere. The world falls away and it’s only you, your conscience and the world inside the text.

4. Stretch

It’s probably happened to you where you and your friends get high and immediately start stretching, proclaiming how shockingly good it feels to do so. Make this an intentional activity. Go to yoga, (I recommend kundalini and vinyasa) or just close your eyes and move into the tense parts of your body. Sometimes when you’re high you suddenly realize the immense amount of tension held in certain muscles and it feels profound to finally give proper awareness and care to your body.

5. Make Art

Even if you don’t see yourself as the “artistic type” there is nothing but calm and delight to be gained from allowing yourself to explore your artistic inclinations. Whether it be painting, drawing, doodling, playing music, writing or dancing, there are few things as meditative, simple and rewarding as expressing yourself in art and transposing the abstract imagery in your mind into an actualized creation in form and substance.

6. Have Tea and Talk to Someone

Sit down, brew some tea and share a joint with your friend. One on one, just sit and talk and watch how the conversation is rhizomatic, abstract, reaching higher philosophical levels, hilarious and punctuated with profound epiphanies. Self-realization often comes in bouts of organizing your otherwise chaotic thoughts in a verbalized form. Find someone who is open to ideas and insights and give each other your full attention. You will realize things about yourself, your relationships, your past, present, future and the universe itself. I assure you.

7. Have Sex

If you don’t already know, sex with someone you trust and care about is considerably better with weed. If you are not opposed to the notion that sex can be a spiritual experience, you will realize this if you endeavor to smoke and have sex. The “oneness” as it is proverbially referred to, becomes something no longer foreign to you and immediately understood. You will recognize the incredible intricacies of sensation and connection and achieve new heights of intimacy if you fully submit yourself to the vulnerability of both sexes and being stoned with someone close to you.

8. Go to Public Lectures

Vancouver is spilling with abundance when it comes to interesting, highly engaging and thematically intriguing lecture series around the city. Browse Facebook for a couple minutes for the public lecture events near you and smoke an hour or 30 minutes before attending. You will be the best listener in the room, take brilliant and detailed notes and come away feeling intellectually nourished and mindfully present. This is one of my all-time favorite activities, either alone or with fellow knowledge-thirsty individuals.