How to Tell your Parents you Smoke Weed

// May 22, 2017
flower girl smoke exhale

“Taraneh, why are you smoking da hashish and posting pictures on facebook, are you spending your money on da drugs Taraneh?” These are the words leaving my skeptic (also immigrant re; accent) fathers mouth as he asks me about my public display of cannabis consumption with animated concern.

Yes dad. Well, no not really. I work for a cannabis related company, so technically I don’t spend much money on the habit at all, it’s always in rotation. But I am smoking the “hashish”, yes. Suddenly my compassionate side kicks in… QUICK! Think of something comforting to say to help soothe his distressed mind.

“Well Dad, it’s actually a natural herb and there’s much worse things I could become addicted to, I only really use it every so often for ganja yoga and it helps when I get cramps. It’s not a big deal.”

After hanging up the phone I felt guilty. Like he deserved a longer explanation, something with enough substance to provide relief to his angst. After all, I am already the wanna-be rapper daughter who abandoned the road of comfortable corporate success to pursue artful endeavors that generally offer little to no security at first. And now, I am the drug addicted daughter too? Ouf. He see’s that I am far from lazy, and he know’s that I am competent and functional, but still a lingering incredulity towards cannabis continues to nag him.

After that phone conversation I started brainstorming ideas for honest simple facts that I could offer him and others to further their understanding of cannabis aka “da hashish” as a routine health product. I didn’t want to overwhelm him with long scientific facts and studies, so without getting too complicated, I summarized some key feature points to fight cannabis’ case. All of these can easily be further explored should the skeptic at hand have a desire to broaden their understanding, but for now here’s some key points to help you explain why cannabis is of benefit to you.

It reduces stress, and therefore disease.

For those of us using cannabis as a preventative health product, it keeps us in a relaxed state which heavily reduces our susceptibility to disease. As we know, stress is a definite culprit for illness. By using cannabis we’re able to counteract the stresses of life and keep our bodies and minds in more balanced states, eliminating disease. Stress has been known to cause cancer, heart disease, raise blood pressure, cause depression, etc. Using cannabis can significantly reduce stress in your life, there for reducing your chances of future health issues.

“And besides, you smoke cigarettes Dad…”

It’s been used culturally for years.

Cannabis consumption is not a new craze or a wild hippy movement, it’s a medicinal treatment that has been used in healing and spiritual practices for centuries and centuries. It’s rooted in Hinduism, Muslim tradition, Taoism, and the Rastafarian culture, amongst others. School doubters with some more history based knowledge from our article, The History of Cannabis and Spirituality.

Nama stay high, k Dad?”

It heals so many people.

The list of ailments that cannabis can treat is impressive. Although I don’t personally use cannabis to treat anything (other than my mild digestive disruptions likely caused by over eating sushi), it’s still a point worth bringing up. If something can be so powerful as a healing agent, there’s no way it can do as much harm as the “wacky tobaccy” generation believes. The compounds in cannabis have been used to treat Alzheimer’s, Cancer, Epilepsy, ADD, Sleeping disorders, Heart Disease, Glaucoma… honestly the list goes on for ever. Check this list of 700 uses for cannabis medically for yourself! Cannabis contains compounds like THC and CBD, that are anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, anti-convulsive, anti-anxiety, anti-psychotic, anti-nausea, anti-rheumatoid arthritic and can work as a mild sedative.

“And you’re still popping inactive drug store vitamins…”

It helps with creativity and objective thinking

This one could backfire, depending on how much your family condones creativity as a legitimate life necessity. For those whose family structure values the importance of getting creative, you should mention how cannabis is a great way to stimulate just that. For those of us in creative fields it can be of great benefit for lending insight and perspective. It’s a great tool for eliminating artists blocks and can help us get out of our heads and into our art!

“Maybe we can smoke and make a song together one day dad…” (probs has bars)

You aren’t a waste man just because you use cannabis.

Can’t decide if this point is immature and cheap or extremely tactic. A little celebrity endorsement never hurt, right? If these guys made it big, maybe their stoner daughter could too, just maybe. It’s a glimpse of hope. With the possibility of success for their daughter still on the table, they’ll be able to sleep at night knowing I could amount to a Steve Jobs, or maybe even an Opera or Abraham Lincoln (I’d rather be Snoop Dogg, let me live). Steve once stated that he felt marijuana was an essential tool for creativity and relaxation, how can you fight with Steve? Take a browse of this list of famous, successful cannabis users and plan your strategic announcement accordingly.

Note to self: Don’t mention Amy Winehouse or Lady Gaga on this list


I’m going to live for freaking ever.

The key is not to come at them with a over zealous power point presentation, instead outline legitimate information to them in an easily digestible manner. Prove to them that you aren’t incompetent or falling completely off the deep end just because you see the benefit of using cannabis.

As for me, my dad has warmed up to the idea. We don’t talk about it much anymore but he knows about it and respects my decisions. I think the most important thing is that you are a good person, and hopefully they see that your marijuana use only adds to this.

Roll one up, light it, and get to plotting the big conversation. Or don’t… depending on your parents (I want you to live).