Natural remedy for exam stress

// April 9, 2017
exam stress

Undoubtedly one of the most stressful times of the year, exams can be debilitating for even the most prepared students.

While there are many different ways to find relief from stress, many individuals are looking towards natural remedies with longer lasting benefits and almost no long-term side effects on the body. Here we broke down some of the best natural forms of stress relief including the use of essential oils, exercising, herbal remedies, and medical marijuana.

Sleep and Diet

Like a well-built house, getting enough sleep and eating a healthy and balanced diet is the foundation for a strong and healthy body that can handle an escalated stress load. While most people need around eight hours of sleep, this number can vary depending on the individual.

While sugar and caffeine may be a quick answer for energy, eventually, they will make you even nervier than before. A clean and balanced diet consisting of whole foods and lots of water will provide your body with sustained energy that will free your body from the crazy ups and downs generally brought on by stimulants.

Exercise and Mindfulness


With many options out in the world now, taking up meditation couldn’t be easier than it is right now. With many popular apps for your phone like Calm and Meditate, and a new meditation studio in Gastown called Moment Meditation, waking up with a little mindfulness can easily set the tone for the rest of your day and is known to reduce feelings of anxiety and panic attacks.


Sometimes taking lower impact yoga classes like Hatha, Yin and Restorative are the perfect ways to center your mind space and relieve the stress that gets stored in your body.


Going for a quick run down the street or on a treadmill for as little as 30 – 60 minutes will send a boost of endorphins into your brain that can reduce feelings of anxiety and make you feel more focused through your next exam.

Essential Oils and Herbal Remedies

Lavender, Peppermint and Rosemary essential oils

Known to improve mental clarity and inducing relaxation, try putting a few drops of lavender, peppermint or rosemary essential oil on a handkerchief to inhale before an exam or head to a spot like Saje to pick up a blend that you can roll on pressure points when you need some level headed focus.

Chamomile Tea

Well known as a popular tea for its calming effects, scientists believe it’s the flavonoids in chamomile that calm the central nervous system, thus reducing feelings of anxiety and panic.

Valerian Root

Another herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years, valerian root is a popular natural alternative for treating stress and anxiety.

Marijuana Strains

Organic Jack Herer

Jack Herer is a sativa-dominant cannabis strain that was created by Sensi Seeds and named after the marijuana activist and author by the same name. Hailing from a combination of a Haze hybrid with a Northern Lights #5 and Shiva Skunk cross, Jack Herer is most commonly described as a strain that invokes a sense of blissful and clear-headed creativity.

NY Cheese

NY Cheese, a sativa-dominant hybrid cross between Cheese and NYC Diesel, is known to deliver a euphoria that stimulates creativity, conversation, and a positive mood. Good for knocking down stress while going about your day, NY Cheese delivers its effects with a spark of energy that helps you stay productive and focused.

White Widow

One of the most famous strains in the world, White Widow is a balanced hybrid first bred in the Netherlands by Green House Seeds. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica, this strain provides a powerful burst of euphoria and energy breaks stimulating both conversation and creativity.

Remember that probably not one of these natural remedies are going to be the end all be all answer to your personal stress relief. It’s usually a combination of remedies working in unison that will become the answer for you. Try different combinations and methods to see what works best for you.