Ear High 001: Songs to Listen to when Smoking Weed

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// March 3, 2017
This dog likes beats

I’m high at work. I just partook in a couple hoots of Viola. It’s an energizing, euphoric sativa strain that has me feeling alert. There’s a rare slow moment at the shop, so of course I whip out my laptop and get to writing. Viola is immediately deemed a creative strain in my books. Yup, 100%. Music instantly sounds more buttery and gratitude feels innate, not fabricated. And then, out from heaven falls this track. The perfect subject for our first segment of Ear High.

D.R.A.M Sings Special

By: Chance the Rapper

The simple chords that introduce the track are layered with weary, psychedelic doubles, instantly transporting you to a bubbly euphoria-land. The repetitive climbing bass-line is cheeky against simplistic swallowing hits. The ears are soothed by perfectly airy, choir-esque vocals. As the singing starts to haunt you with repetitive gentle chanting, you become completely overtaken by the arrangement. I love how the organ keeps the ears on track, stealthy serving as the song’s heart beat. The message of the song is dauntingly blatant to a point that it becomes creepy that we should need the reminder, but it’s a positive and vibe-elevating concept nonetheless:

You are very special You’re special too
Everyone is special
This I know is true
When I look at you
You are very special
You’re special too
Everyone is special
This I know is true
When I look at you.

Those are the only lyrics sang in the whole song. The simple mantra can transport you, just give it a listen and let the sounds overcome you; YOU ARE SPECIAL!

Beautiful Girl

By: Moxsa

Moxsa is a Vancouver based artist, so I’m automatically biased to like him. Luckily he didn’t disappoint with this track. I’m instantly engulfed by his trippy portrayals and clever flip(s) of Sean Kingston’s vocals off the mid-2000’s track Beautiful Girls. The use of this sample throughout makes this whole song extra nostalgic, taking me back to high-school barbeques on hot summer days. He uses vocal hits as a percussion part in a really intricate way, and the whole track really keeps you on your toes. If you let yourself sink into it, the heavy bass and filtered main synth keeps you grounded as the jabby vocals keep your mind in a race. Definitely worth listening to after a nice sativa smoke.

Land of the Free

By: Joey Bada$$

If you’re a hip-hop lover you’ve likely heard of Joey Bada$$. Being the most prominent member of the Pro Era movement, Joey is a lyrical genius. He recently took a brief and unfortunate break from his enlightening rap and fell victim to the modern-day auto-tune-turn-up craze. Luckily he’s back with this track. The message runs really deep, the perfect listen for the reflective stoners out there. The instrumental is reminiscent of old-school hip-hop and funk beats, and the bass line tickles the “hypnotized” Biggie feel. Airy vocal synths sweep your ears to the heavens as Joey spits hard truths about the state of our planet.

“Can’t change the world unless we change ourselves Die from the sicknesses if we don’t seek the health
All eyes be my witness when I speak what’s felt
Full house on my hands, the cards I was dealt
Three K’s, Two A’s in AmeriKKKa
I’m just a black spade spawn out the nebula
And everything I do is and say today is worthwhile
Will for sure inspire action in your first child
I’ll begin my verse now…”

The full version of this song is now available on iTunes or Spotify, but there’s a little teaser in the link above!

This week’s task: Light up some Viola, get cozy, burn some incense, and listen closely to these stoner-centric tracks!

By Tee Krispil