Successful Stoners – Hindz

// February 16, 2017
Hindz Praying at a Bonfire

While you might not recognize Hindz’s name right away, you’ve probably already seen his work while scrolling through your Facebook timeline. Equal parts elusive and visible to the public eye, Hindz is a music producer, videographer, director and lifestyle specialist that promotes healthy living and mental clarity with his latest project, Vibe Ting.

Armed with his innate cinematographic eye and self taught videography skills, Hindz has been the creative force behind videos for both local and international artists like Sean Kingston and Tory Lanez.

I was stoked to get a chance to catch up with Hindz, who was fresh from his recent trip to Jamaica, to talk about everything from his latest projects to his favourite strain of cannabis.

Hinds Drinking from a Coconut

Hinds Drinking from a Coconut

“Your persona is generally pretty mysterious. Was this done on purpose or was it just a happy accident?”

“Silent rivers run deep. I obverse more than I speak, it’s just who I am. So I guess we can just call it a happy accident.”

“Your background is decidedly based in cinematography where you made a living filming and directing music videos for artists. What initially brought you to want to express your creativity through film?”

“It’s how I communicate best because I’m a storyteller. I started off producing music and soon realized that I needed another tool to express myself creatively. I tried film for the first time and right away I knew that was it.”

“Are your videography skills all self-taught?”

“Yes, I taught myself everything I know through trial and error and”

“Were you always heavily inspired by your cultural background in Jamaican music and lifestyle?”

“Yeah I’ve always been inspired by my roots. I remember my parents bringing me to the hall parties or domino parties as a kid. That’s when I first fell in love with the music, reggae and dancehall. Bob Marley is also one of my biggest inspirations. That’s how I fell into the rastafari lifestyle, eating ital foods, living in a positive vibration and working for myself as an entrepreneur. Just being a loving and righteous human being. Jah.”

“How do you use cannabis as a positive addition in your life?”

“I look at the marijuana plant like any other herb or vegetable, it’s really not a big deal to me. There is nutrition in the plant that can benefit us spiritually and physically, so why not use it? Some days I consume kale and ginger, some days I consume cannabis and spirulina.”

Hinds Drinking from a Coconut... Again

Hinds Drinking from a Coconut… Again

“What is your favourite strain?”

“Black Tuna, because it’s powered by Jah. Grown by Davidacus, dem fi know his work.”

“How do you prefer to consume cannabis?”

“Juicing. Mainly because that’s how I can get the health benefits from the plant without getting high. When I found out that I could juice the marijuana plant, I was on it. I’m experimenting with a lot of different recipes at the moment.

I’ve grown to a place in my life where I prefer being in my natural state. I smoke herb about once a year as a spiritual cleanse and that’s all I really need for the year. I think we need to start embracing the whole plant and highlighting its benefits to the body.

There’s more to the plant then just smoking or eating edibles. My mom always had a somewhat negative view of cannabis but she saw me juice it and it changed her perspective. Now she sees that the plant isn’t any different from something like kale.

It’s a healing plant from the earth and that’s powerful. If we want to see a world where cannabis is legal everywhere, we need to embrace the whole plant and all of its uses.”

Hinds Chilling

Hinds Chilling

“Tell us what your perfect day involving cannabis would be like.”

“Well I would be in Belmont, Jamaica staying at the rainbow villa. I’d be eating some ital food on the beach at my friend Stumpy’s shop with a nice soursop, spirulina and cannabis juice. Naturally.”

“Tell us more about your new project, Vibe Ting”

“Vibe Ting actually started from my snapchat where it was just me documenting my lifestyle and people seemed to be interested in the way I live. My apartment in Vancouver is infused with bamboo and plants and feels like a jungle which just feels like home to me.

Once people started to really take a liking to my way of life it gave me the idea to visualize it all in hindzsight, to create stories out of my daily life.

What I’m doing with Vibe Ting is bringing people back to the roots. I feel like our generation is getting lost in things that don’t matter and I see a lot of anxiety in people these days and it has become the norm.

People are forgetting the simple art of living and that’s what Vibe Ting is all about. Living in a high vibration, loving life and its simplicity. I’m going to do what Martha Stewart did, but bigger, cooler and infused with film and music.”

“What are you working on next?”

“I’m going back to India to finish a documentary that I made with Arkie titled “BABALI” that we decided to take in a new direction. I’m also helping out with some development on a feature film in Mumbai and am interested in getting lost in the mountains with some gurus. That’s always a good time.”

By Vanessa Tam