Tinctures: Say Goodbye to the Smoke

// January 26, 2017
THC CBD Cannabis Tinctures

Simply put, tinctures are an alcohol or oil-based extractions from herbs, and an effective, ancient method of consuming plant medicines. For years people have been creating these extractions to treat a plethora of ailments. In fact, tinctures are the first noted method of consuming cannabis! Nowadays we’re able to create very precise extractions that feature concise amounts of marijuana’s healing compounds; THC and CBD. They’re becoming increasingly more popular amongst those looking to eliminate smoke and have full control over their dosing. It’s no surprise that the market for high-quality tinctures is burgeoning quickly, increasing the products available on dispensary shelves. Now is a good time to educate yourself on the basics of tincture consumption so that you can make smart decisions and choose what’s right for you.

Benefits of Tinctures

Tinctures are seen as a healthier alternative to smoking. They’re especially great if you’re feeling under the weather and need to give your lungs a break from smoke. And there’s virtually no smell associated with using tinctures, so they’re great before class or work. Another bonus is you can ditch the unnecessary calories, sugar, and fat associated with taking edibles, all while creating a similar high. Some tinctures (CBD) won’t get you high at all, so if you’re looking to consume cannabis without the high, this could be a great option for you!

How Do I Take Tinctures?

Tinctures are typically taken under the tongue with a standard dropper. Some are mixed with oil or flavouring to create a more palatable experience, while others are a strong, pure alcohol base.

How Do I Dose Tinctures?

When dosing tincture it’s best to start small. However, it’s really dependent on the specific CBD/THC ratio of the product you’re using. One thing to keep in mind when trying tinctures is the 30 minute to 2 hour wait time before effects begin to reveal themselves. People generally report feeling the effects closer to the 30 minute end of that scale, but it’s always wise to wait the full 2 hours before going in for a second dose. Here’s a basic guide to taking your first dose of tinctures:

First time users: start with 10-20 mg to get your body used to the idea of tinctures You’ve tried edibles or other ingestibles a few times: 20-50 mg (check your bottle for total THC/CBD content per dropper and divide accordingly).
You’re a chronic user who wants to feel high: 50-150 mg

Note: Leaving the tincture under the tongue for a few extra seconds will accelerate the wait time, as it reaches the bloodstream quicker.

What Tincture Should I Get?

The main thing to consider is exactly what you’re looking to accomplish with your tincture purchase. With different CBD:THC ratios it can become confusing to decipher exactly which concoction is best suited for your desired outcome. Here’s a basic guide to help:

THC: Tinctures offering purely THC are great for those who are open to feeling the psychoactive effects of marijuana. It’s perfect for people suffering from bodily pain including IBS, colitis, crohn’s disease, muscle pain and spasticity. It’s also provides support for depression, general relaxation and creativity stimulation. THC is also an impeccable sleep aid. Start slow with dosing THC tinctures as they can be pretty potent! They’re generally available as Sativa and Indica blends, but some companies don’t specify. Sativa THC tinctures can be used before physical activity (the perfect booster for a run), or for focus and general uplifting euphoria. Indica THC tinctures are better for mellowing out, regaining appetite, and treating pain.

1:1 CBD to THC: 1:1 tinctures provide the best of both worlds. With a little bit of THC, and a little bit of CBD, you can experience a really balanced, mild high. Since CBD has a tendency to counteract THC’s psychoactive effects, it’s unlikely that you’ll be very, very high when taking this tincture, but you may feel slightly euphoric and at ease. It’s great for pain, sleep, appetite, and anxiety.

4:1 CBD to THC: Tinctures higher in CBD are great for those looking to use cannabis as a preventative medicine, or those looking to treat conditions long term. Continual use of CBD will improve overall health, reduce pain and inflammation and prevent cell-proliferation in cancer patients. A 4:1 ratio means you won’t feel high whatsoever, but you will still reap some of THC’s benefits! This is great to treat long-term pain, cancer, digestive issues, muscle pain and loss of appetite.

With the above in mind you’re ready to start venturing into the world of tinctures. Whether used as a sole treatment or in conjunction with flower/topicals, tincture can be a great addition to any health regime.

By Tee Krispil