How to Clean a Grinder The Easy Way

// December 21, 2016
Weed Grinder

Unless you’re one of those hand-busting purists, your grinder is probably your most indispensable tool. Unfortunately, THC crystals are sticky and stubborn, and before too long, your grinder will probably get gummed up with all the kief that gets stuck inside. You might start to notice that it’s hard to open, or that it’s getting more difficult to grind your bud.

Don’t worry, there is an easy method for cleaning a grinder. You’ll need these two basic tools:


Get Isopropyl Alcohol from the grocery store’s pharmacy section. Q-Tips are also really helpful to get into grooves between the teeth of the grinder.

Rubbing with Alcohol. Photo by Galen Robinson-Exo

Rubbing with Alcohol. Photo by Galen Robinson-Exo



You don’t need a fancy brush–an old toothbrush will do.

Brushing the Grinder. Photo by Galen Robinson-Exo

Brushing the Grinder. Photo by Galen Robinson-Exo


  1. Stick your grinder in the freezer for about a half hour. This will make the kief stuck inside easier to remove.
  2. Once it’s frozen, take it out. Unscrew all the pieces, and use your brush to clean the kief onto a clean sheet of paper. You can also try tapping it firmly onto a table to loosen it up.
  3. Once all this loose kief is collected on the paper, you can keep it and sprinkle it onto your next joint or bowl to give it a little extra potency.
  4. Now that you’ve removed all the loose stuff, submerge all the pieces of your grinder in alcohol and let it soak for about 10-15 minutes.
  5. Remove it, and use your toothbrush to get everything that you can. Then, use a Q-Tip to get all the remaining gunk out of the grooves. Give it a rinse, and your grinder should be good as new!

By Galen Robinson-Exo