Fun Things to do While High During the Holidays

Food and Entertainment
// December 20, 2016
Tree of life at Van Dusen

Tubing at Cypress Mountain

There’s a kid in every single one of us that still loves that feeling of slipping down a giant hill inside a rubber tube rolling over bumps and spinning all the way. I can tell you it’s better when you’re high. Cypress operates a tube park that even has a mini lift, which makes getting stoned and relaxing while you make the short trip back up the hill totally relaxing. The cold air, snowball fights with friends, races, and all the other possibilities bring you back to that childlike awe in the simplest entertainment. Having something extra to lift your spirits only makes this cheerful activity more fun, so I strongly suggest you bring a joint or two. It really is a great place to hang with a crew of buddies, take a date on an adventure, or even just do with a friend back from out of town to visit friends and family. The tube park is open everyday at 10, closes at 4 on weekdays, but stays open late on Friday and Saturday nights and closes at 9. Sundays are a compromise, with the park closing at 6. The total cost for a two hour pass and a tube rental is 22 bucks. Here’s Cypress’s Tube Park page.

Classic Holiday Flicks at The Rio

This one’s another classic way to unwind in this wintry weather. Now that The Rio theatre’s been converted from a traditional theatre into a multi-use facility with burlesque, improv, and the occasional poetry performance all rotating through, they’re legally allowed to sell booze on the premises. The drinks are reasonably priced, and it’s pretty cool to warm up a bit with a spiked cola after a doobie in the cold wet air before catching a classic comedy double feature like National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Bad Santa (playing on Christmas eve, with other double features happening in the days before), or taking in some of the Rocky marathon happening on Boxing Day. Besides, they’ve got popcorn, snacks, and pop as well. It’s the kind of venue that inspires some nostalgia for a mostly forgotten age, and makes for a great way to spend a stone. Check out The Rio’s calendar and see what’s playing this week.

Tuesday Comedy at the Kino Cafe

This little known spot on Cambie and 19th offers up amateur comedy on Tuesday evenings for a minimum donation of five dollars. The comics are always trying out new things, and it’s a relaxed venue for getting stoned, sitting back, and playing the part of the Laugh Track. The’ve also got a fully stocked bar with beer, wine, and spirits, friendly staff, and comfortable chairs. And for five bucks, it’s a great way to spend a couple hours hanging out with some old friends, or getting to know some new ones. You might even see someone famous dropping in (I saw Louis C.K. there for five bucks…) Comedy starts on Tuesdays around 9:30, which makes it a great way to relax after a meal and a smoke. The Kino also has flamenco dancing throughout the week, typically on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, for the dancers in us all. Check our Kino Café’s calendar and prepare a blunt.

The Festival of Lights at Van Dusen Garden

This one’s a staple of Vancouver’s winter culture, but with over a million lights, a carousel, randomly roaming and roving gnomes, Reindeer, and themed displays, this whole event will feel brand new after blazing up just down the block. If you want to romance a certain someone, revel in the brightness and the colours, stroll around and people-watch, or maybe light a candle and add a light at the Make-A-Wish grotto, the Festival’s an excellent place to be. They’ve even added a carousel to this year’s instalment, and there’s no extra charge! Tickets for adults run for $18.50, but there’s no time limit, and the Garden is open late from now until the 23rd, closing at 10PM each night. The Festival continues running until the 2nd of January, though it only stays open until 9PM after it reopens, having closed for Christmas day. Go to the Festival of Lights official site for more information about hours, tickets, and directions.

The Vancouver Art Gallery: by Donation Night

Here’s something you can do completely free (though obviously, they want you to pay) that’s both stimulating and relaxing. On exhibit right now is some of Walker Evans’ photography in an exhibit called “Depth of Field”, which is organized into a poetic collection of iconic photos from the 20th century. With your mind is a foggy haze from toking up outside, it’s good to take heed of Evans’ advice to “Stare” and “Die knowing something” so that we be reminded of our good fortune over these holidays. This exhibit might just bring you closer to the history of North America if you’ve given yourself a few pleasant puffs on the peace pipe, though specifically it’s work that focuses on Depression era America. Still, the faces Evans managed to capture are those of real, struggling humans finding joy, peace, and irony in trying times. If you’re looking for a lighter touch, the art gallery’s second floor currently houses an exhibit of Vancouver based artists called: “Ambivalent Pleasures”, an interesting mixture of mediums that melds music, mosaics, sculpture, painting, and so much more. It’s a treat to see and hear all that this city’s been generating while you’re faded. Both exhibits are on through this Holiday season and well into January, so there’s plenty of time to drop by casually on any given Tuesday. Check out the Vancouver Art Gallery’s Schedule and get ready to have your mind blown.